3D optimization and delivery

Umbra takes in any kind of 3D content, such as models of goods (furniture, shoes, etc.) or large scans of entire cities, and automatically creates optimized, streamable versions of them. These Umbrafied versions are so lightweight they load in seconds and run on virtually anything.

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We handle larger 3D datasets than anyone in the world and make them available for rendering on any device, in 8K+ resolutions at 60fps. This is enabled by our patented optimization techniques, that allow us to scale beyond the traditional performance limits associated with ultra-high resolution 3D content.

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Platform for innovative industries

3D content is used in a plethora of industries for different purposes and our tools allow you to freely integrate importers and viewers into any existing software. Export from your file system and view in a gaming engine. Check. Export from 3D modeling software and view in a browser. No problem. Umbra makes it easy to start using 3D content in your production environment,

Case Studies

Gaming Technology Leader

Our gaming product, Umbra3, is the de-facto visibility optimization solution in the AAA video game industry. It enables lighting fast spatial queries in runtime for occlusion culling, audio propagation, AI pathfinding, as well as point-to-point and volume-to-volume visibility. Join the leading triple-A studios and start your evaluation today.

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Designing, rendering and sharing complex 3D models with co-workers and customers can be a time-consuming venture. With Umbra, you can accelerate design and make it easy to share your vision with anyone, anywhere.


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