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Umbra’s patented technology makes high-quality 3D content load instantly on the web. Developers can forget about polygon, resolution and memory limitations associated with 3D models and simply upload any 3D content in full resolution.

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Input - Output

Umbra’s cloud platform ingests standard 3D formats in full resolution and automatically recreates optimized versions for high-efficiency delivery. Our runtime code then fetches data progressively from the cloud service based on camera-position, enabling super-fast time to triangle without compromising overall quality.

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umbra.js <3 three.js

Umbra’s javascript library makes integrating 3D models on any website simple and fast. It ships with three.js bindings, allowing web developers to integrate directly with the most popular 3D framework today. Launching in late Q2-19 with selected partners, request early access today.

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Low-level SDK for deep integration

Everything is built on top of our C++ SDK, giving you total freedom in creating custom solutions. Whether it’s uploading content from a 3D editor or rendering Umbrafied meshes alongside other content, the C++ SDK provides power users with a toolkit for creating next-generation 3D content workflows.

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Gaming prowess

Looking for solutions for Game Developers? Umbra’s Visibility+ SDK has been the de facto occlusion culling solution for AAA video games industry over the last decade.

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Designing, rendering and sharing complex 3D models with co-workers and customers can be a time-consuming venture. With Umbra, you can accelerate design and make it easy to share your vision with anyone, anywhere.


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