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City Of Helsinki
City Of Helsinki
City Of Helsinki

Massive Scaled Model

The reality mesh model of Helsinki is based on aerial photographs of the city taken in the summer of 2015. Helsinki generated an enormous point cloud, representing a 50 square kilometer area of the city, then processed that data into a 700 GB texture-mapped 3D mesh.

Open to All

The City’s goal was to make this open dataset available for anyone, so they teamed up with Umbra to optimize, or umbrafy, the dataset using its fully-automated cloud platform that can now stream the entire dataset to AR or VR-capable mobile platforms such as phones, tablets, headsets and even web browsers.

What They Said

‘This was really a new and unique project collaboration between Umbra and the City of Helsinki – combining game engines and the city’s own technology into the next-generation of city modeling, through this cooperation, this whole project has been made possible.’

-Jarmo Suomisto, Project Manager: City of Helsinki – 3D City Information Model.

Unlock the Data

Umbra is on a mission to democratize city-scale 3D scanning, giving cities and developers the opportunity to take ownership of their own datasets, rather than using and licensing existing mapping data.

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