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Sellen Construction
Sellen Construction
Sellen Construction

Why They Came to Umbra

The Sellen team wanted to allow construction managers to overlay the complete 3D model of the structure onsite in 1:1 scale and perform walkthroughs in augmented reality to quickly verify subcontractor work and visualize the work remaining.

Their Feedback

‘Umbra Composit fits the overall digital platform of BIM and leverages the capabilities of BIM models as the everyday tool in the construction industry.’

-Graham Condit, Director of Virtual Construction

Key Features

Composit enabled supervisors to focus on aligning their crews quickly with the work that remained, rather than struggling with validating with 2D plans, that significantly increased their productivity in managing the construction as well as ensuring it stays on schedule and within budget.

Additional Benefits

Flexibility with displaying the models on a range of devices, from ipads to the Hololens, gave the team the ability to using the device they were most comfortable with.

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Designing, rendering and sharing complex 3D models with co-workers and customers can be a time-consuming venture. With Umbra, you can accelerate design and make it easy to share your vision with anyone, anywhere.

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