Sentient Computing
Sentient Computing
Sentient Computing

Why They Came To Umbra

The Sentient team needed the ability to create a multiplayer virtual collaboration space to allow engineers to jump into their CAD models and collaborate to understand the problems spatially, from anywhere in the world. One of the serious limitations they ran into was the ability of a standard desktop PC to render the extreme complexity of some of their client’s massive CAD models.

Their Feedback

‘Discovering Umbra solved a lot of our problems. Our offline model processing time has come down from weeks on our office network, to hours in the cloud with Umbra.’ – Doug Bester, Managing Director

Key Feature

‘Umbra’s run-time engine handles streaming of data, level-of-detail and occlusion culling automatically and does it so well that the option of tablet and mobile deployment has presented itself where we never expected it.’

Additional Benefits

‘Our application start-up time was reduced from several minutes to several seconds because assets are streamed in on the fly and not pre-loaded!’

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Designing, rendering and sharing complex 3D models with co-workers and customers can be a time-consuming venture. With Umbra, you can accelerate design and make it easy to share your vision with anyone, anywhere.

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