Last-mile delivery of high-quality 3D

Umbra Composit enables high-quality 3D assets to be used in real-time rendering, anywhere. Built as a true cloud-scale platform, there are no limits on input data size and resolution, and Umbra’s proprietary spatial representation of 3D data effortlessly delivers the content to any platform, engine or rendering pipeline.



Fast Boot Time

Umbra’s assets load instantly, prioritizing visible triangles first. Users can start interacting with the content while additional detail is delivered those parts of the model which are being viewed.

LOD On Demand

Composit enables progressive streaming of detail based on viewing position and device performance budget. This means total asset size is no longer a barrier for creating and distributing visually stunning 3D content.

Automatic Processing Pipeline

You simply upload the highest-resolution model available and Umbra takes care of the rest. Our cloud platform automatically handles mesh and material reconstruction for multiple levels of detail, optimization for target platform profiles and compression for streaming and storage.


Umbra Composit is entirely written in low-level C++, making it is easy to integrate on any platform or application.

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